Consultations With Lea

Heart Walks

Do you know your heart's desire? Through labyrinth heart walks I guide you on a journey of self discovery, by yourself or in the company of others.

I help my walkers ,or finger-labyrinth walkers,

These walks can take place in my beautiful Santa Rosa Labyrinth at my home studio. I also have labyrinths that travel and can come to you at your home or in your work place. I also utilize finger labyrinths if mobility or space is an issue. 

Consultations With Lea

Nutritional Consultations for your Mind~Spirit~Body

How can I help you?

My work with you is carefully crafted to meet your needs and personal goals, including:

Stress Reduction & Support

  • Discovering ways to re-imagine time
  • Exercise - Movement - Expression
  • Finding joy in unexpected places

Eating For Your Health

  • Creating a style of healthy eating that works for you
  • Creating partnerships in eating for health
  • Revamping your pantry
  • Shopping

Tools we will use:

  • Delicious Real Food
  • Creative Arts
  • Labyrinths
  • Curiosity & Exploration
  • My library of research and knowledge

Please contact me to schedule a free preliminary consultation to explore how I might be of assistance to you (or someone you love). Appointments can be made in person or via phone or Skype.

Food is medicine.
Delicious. Enjoyable.
Open to your life!