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Ladybug Labyrinth: a journey home
(the book)

8.5 x 8.5 inches

Ladybug Labyrinth: a journey home is a story for all ages, but especially for children searching for the voice of their hearts in the gentle twists and turns of the labyrinth... The inside covers have finger-labyrinths to explore the little ladybug's journey!

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A Journey of Discovery~ in to the labyrinth (the book)

This 42-page book with colored pictures and illustrations gives a concise history of labyrinths, as well as ideas for using and making labyrinths.

$11.00 + $4.00  shipping and handling

Making the Santa Rosa Labyrinth
(PDF instruction workbook)

This PDF of the 30 page instruction booklet that you can print out gives basic guidelines for creating your own Santa Rosa Labyrinth, using precise formulae or your own intuition. The pages can be used as a workbook, assisting you in writing down your ideas, creative inspirations, and mathematical calculations.   $25.00

Labyrinth To Go!
(Rope & Chalk Labyrinth Kit)     

Labyrinth To Go Kit: $475.00

Shipping in the USA- 2-3 Days: $64.00.

Overseas shipping cost depends on destination

Each labyrinth kit comes in a carrying tote with step-by-step instructions for creating portable and temporary seven and three-circuit Classical Labyrinths in a rainbow of colors, as well as a box of chalk! I use these simple steps for learning how to make labyrinths in my workshops and classes.

This kit will make a forty-two foot-wide labyrinth. The rope can also be folded in on itself to fit into smaller spaces, as well as fit into unusual spaces, around trees, or even the poles in a basement, etc.

I create each kit using the finest 6 mm macramé rope, making them colorful, light, and easy to transport. The rope is also machine washable, a plus for when used outdoors in any type of weather.

Each kit is custom made to order. Please CONTACT me to set up payment and shipping.