Haiku My Heart ~ Letting Go

Labyrinths can be a container for holding the full spectrum of what it means to be human. Within the twists and turns, we can connect with our joys, sorrows, accomplishments, failures, arrivings, letting go... and finding a new way...

Labyrinths allow us the space and time to connect mind and spirit with our bodies and the world around us...


the ladies are here
all dressed in pink they arrive
falling back to earth

This post is very poignant for me.

Whenever I see the Pink Ladies appear... I know that Summer is drawing to a close and soon... Fall will be in the air.

Finding these ladies this Summer holds even more than the announcement of the shift of seasons for me.

That bare mound of dirt behind these graceful pink beauties was where our beloved Angela Center stood, a sanctuary for decades to all persons of all faiths and walks in life.

This is the first sharing of the photos I have taken of the loss of the Angela Center following the devastating firestorms of October 2017 that ravaged our beautiful city and surrounding areas in our county and the counties around us. Angela Center was also above my high school campus, also destroyed in the fires, which was a place of refuge for me in my teens. Then in my thirties, I attended my graduate school classes here in this special place and it is where I walked my very first labyrinth. My studies in psychology and many labyrinth explorations at the Angela Center were part of the catalyst in my creating the Santa Rosa Labyrinth© in 1997.

I will be speaking more about the Angela Center labyrinths and the significance of loss, rebirth, resiliance and living life with a courageous heart found in the labyrinth on the one-year anniversary of the firestorms and the extreme challenges of living in our modern times at the 2018 Labyrinth Society Gathering in Chicago, Illinois, October 5th, 6th, & 7th.

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