Painting a Temporary Santa Rosa Labyrinth at Church of the Roses, Santa Rosa, CA

Church of the Roses in Santa Rosa, CA has begun the process of making plans for a labyrinth. They have chosen the Santa Rosa Labyrinth design as a part of their garden that will interface with their surrounding community.

These plans will replace an existing problematic lawn with roses, flowering trees, benches, and the labyrinth as a center point of focus.

Pastor Cindy Alloway with plans drawn by landscaper Steve Kovanis of  Carlile-Macy

Pastor Cindy Alloway with plans drawn by landscaper Steve Kovanis of Carlile-Macy

Church of the Roses had a number of members who lost their homes to the 2017 firestorm that ravaged the City of Santa Rosa, our Sonoma County, and neighboring counties.

This garden and labyrinth is being dedicated to all those affected by the fires. This new space will be used for weddings, events, concerts, the church pre-school and picnic and as a place for children walking home from school and the neighbors to take some time out of time and connect with themselves, each other and the world around them.

Pastor Cindy says, “the Church of the Roses is now seeking funding for the installation of the labyrinth, surrounding walkways, benches and trees so this gift to the community can be a beautiful ADA accessible centering place that enhances resilience and provides a sense of peaceful healing for all.”

Wolff Contracting is donating the excavation and preparation of the lawn area even as they are actively working on rebuilding homes in our area that were lost to the fires.


Church of the Roses recently hosted a Benefit Choral Workshop and Concert for Habitat for Humanity. As an introduction to the labyrinth, Creative Labyrinths, with help from Church of the Roses, painted the design on the front lawn where the final permanent labyrinth is being proposed.