A Creative Classical Labyrinth

Imagine my delight when the grandson of one of my dearest friends gifted me with this classical labyrinth. What thrilled me the most is that “CN” made this beautiful labyrinth from his 3-D printer.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around the concept of 3-D printing. It stretches my mind to this tenuous place of moving from what we have known to the possibilities of the future. When I see this kind of creativity and generativity I have hope for the world and it makes me very excited!


My experience of labyrinths is that they can spark creativity. This has been one of the constant themes of my labyrinth explorations over the years. I love thinking about how CN saw the labyrinth at my home and went on to think about it enough to create one himself. When we encourage this kind of creativity in ourselves and in others around us, all things are possible.


Just looking at this labyrinth I can feel myself needing to stretch.

How is this possible? How can something flat become 3-D?

And from a printer?

CN has found another way into the labyrinth.

And I am curious as to where it will lead me…