Spring Equinox 2019

Stepping into a labyrinth gives you the opportunity to find yourself in the twists and turns. I get lost sometimes between work, the news, and the huge rains that we’ve endured this winter. And as I write this, on this day of equal light and dark…

I am reminded that no matter what is going on inside my head the cycles of the seasons arrive and within the labyrinth I find my breath again, and feel the ground beneath my feet, and I let go of any burdens that I no longer need to carry…


This empty cup is full
of a day of light and dark,
inside and outside,
up and down,
stepping in and stepping out,
turning left, then right,
then left again,
until the center appears
and we step into this orb of possibilities,
we spring into this moment
again and again,
and again,
and beneath the full moon in Libra
the grail appears as if in a vision,
this quest for wholeness,
of asking how to serve,
to strip away any pretense
of who we are
shining buds of green
in this rich dark soil of new beginnings.

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