Alex Champion's Hexagonal Rock Earthwork with 6 Obelisks - Third Visit

On May 14th, I made it just in time to see the reveal of Alex Champion’s first obelisk as it was released from its wooden mold.

You can read about our first visit- HERE. And our second visit- HERE.

I arrived to find that the end-cap had been removed. Next to come off was the cap-stone molding and then the side straps of wood that were holding the two forms together that surround the concrete obelisk.


As I mentioned in the previous post, each obelisk weighs 900 pounds and is six-feet in length. So turning it was quite a feat!

But turn them they did! One of my favorite parts was when the cap-stone was revealed…


The concrete will be patched, sanded, and then painted, but at the moment… I love how this looks. Ancient. Weathered. As if it had been there for centuries…

Then the side molds were peeled away to reveal this incredible piece of engineering… The first obelisk!

Alex is pleased with it and he is looking forward to the pouring of the remaining five obelisks. There is still quite a ways to go with the digging out and creating of the six mounds as well as the central mound. But for now, the first obelisk has been revealed and points the way for more to come.


And the prepping and sanding begins for the second one, with Shiloh the dog, supervising…

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