Worldwide Labyrinth Day 2019

It was wonderful to come together with Mary-Rita and Bruce Williamson, Marilyn Larson, and William Grace-Frost to create a Santa Rosa Labyrinth in chalk at the beautiful Dorotea Park in Rohnert Park, CA on Worldwide Labyrinth Day, May 4, 2019.

Mary-Rita found this majestic space, an old hand-ball court surrounded by redwoods and rolling green. It was the perfect spot for not only our chalk labyrinth, but a beautiful hand-painted five-circuit canvas labyrinth that William had created. We also had a purple “meander-wand” canvas pattern created by Alex Champion and his late-wife Joan, for people to lie upon!


Our first visitors of the day was a group of children who christened the chalk labyrinth with their joy and exuberance! Mary-Rita invited them and the other walkers who also joined us to leave messages for the earth at the center.


At some point, Mary-Rita very cleverly began to write words at all of the turning points, and another group of kids eagerly joined her. It was a colorful day full of friends, family, and community coming together to walk as one for peace on our precious Earth.

People enjoyed lying beneath the redwoods and blue skies on the Champion’s purple “meander wand.”


The labyrinth was 31 feet in diameter. We used a light chain, marked with the exact lines and rotated around a stand held steady with 20 pounds of weight, a yard stick, and fat pieces of multi-colored chalk to create this labyrinth.

William Grace Frost with his hand-painted five-circuit canvas labyrinth!


We chalked an image of our precious world into the heart-space…


Here we are! A fabulous team at the end of our time together on Worldwide Labyrinth Day!