Alex Champion's Hexagonal Rock Earthwork with 6 Obelisks - First Visit

Alex Champion creates incredible spaces based on sacred geometry and his awareness and connection with the energies of the earth.

I first heard about Alex when I stumbled upon one of the few labyrinth books to be found in the early 1990’s. Viewing his creations and then actually walking in his earthwork labyrinth when he lived in Philo, CA I believe has deeply inspired me in my own designs. I learn something from Alex every time we get together. Sometimes it’s all about remembering to laugh. And if you’ve ever heard Alex laugh… you will know what I mean!


Alex is is one of the pioneers in our modern-era labyrinth movement. He is known for his thinking outside of the box and following the call of his muse. Early on he became aware of and fascinated by the earth mounds created by the Indigenous People of the Americas. Combined with his abilities to dowse the earth’s energies he has taken this fascination into his over 40 created earthworks, which include labyrinths and other geometrical designs. His current project, that is in his back yard in West Santa Rosa, CA, is 36-feet in diameter and is an entirely new adventure for him that brings together many other projects that he has created into an entirely new form of expression.

Hexagonal Rock Earthwork with 6 Obelisks

Within the 36-foot circle there will be six earth-mounds and six obelisks set into the earth. Each nine-foot obelisk weighs 900 pounds and is being poured separately. When put into the ground, they will be six-feet high with three feet below ground. There is also going to be a circle mound at the center.


Clive Johnson, Marilyn Larson and I visited Alex’s project on May 1, 2019 just as they were preparing to pour the first obelisk.


I can’t wait to watch this project unfold. Already, just sitting in the center circle I could feel the ground undulating around me and I also felt pure joy. Alex says that he has no idea what he will discover when it is completed.


I am sure that whatever it is… it will be full of beauty, majesty and a lot of laughter…