Alex Champion's Hexagonal Rock Earthwork with 6 Obelisks - Eighth & Ninth Visit

I went by the Rock Earthwork site on Monday, July 15th to see the prep work that Marc created for hoisting the first obelisk into the ground!

You can read about our first visit- HERE. Our second visit- HERE. Our third visit- HERE. Our fourth visit- HERE. Our fifth visit- HERE. Our sixth visit- HERE. And our seventh visit HERE.


I returned the next day, on Tuesday, July 16th (which just happened to also be on the day of the eclipsing full moon), and marveled at the mechanics that Marc created to hoist this 800-900 pound obelisk into its hole in the ground!


And the first of six obelisks is in the ground and ready for the rock backfill to hold it in place! Five more to go!

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