Alex Champion's Hexagonal Rock Earthwork with 6 Obelisks - 10th to 16th Visit

This post shows the stages leading up to the mounds and obelisks being complete, with the exception of the seeding of grass on the center ring, mounds, and surrounding area.

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My first post about this amazing project by Alex, was on May 1st and my last visit, pictured below, was on August 14th. The final step will be for grass to be seeded and grow over the mounds and around the obelisks.


And here are the visits that bring us to the present!

Tenth Visit

The second obelisk goes up!


Jason begins the patching on the first obelisk while the packed rock around the second obelisk sets.


Eleventh Visit

On July 26th I arrived just as the fourth obelisk was being placed into the ground. The frame that Marc built to lift these almost 1-ton obelisks is a work of art in itself.


Then the maneuvering into the hole, preset with concrete at the bottom to receive the point of the bottom of the obelisk. Shale is then packed tightly around the base and compacted by Mark and Jason.

Twelfth Visit

By July 29th five obelisks have been set into the ground. One more to go… I can’t wait….


Alex however, is being quite patient. He is very pleased with how the project is coming together!


Thirteenth Visit

On August 1st I arrived in time to see the sixth and final obelisk raised and set into the ground. Marc has perfected every step of this complicated process. It was art in expression, just watching him.


All six obelisks are now in the ground!


As Marc balances the obelisk and readies it for the shale base, Jason begins breaking the ground for the six earth mounds and the center-circle-mound.

Fourteenth Visit

On August 3rd I came prepared to work. Today we were moving rock into the center ring and the six mounds between the obelisks.


With the help of Dick Tippet and Marc we made a lot of progress. Every stone had to be handled and fit into the pile like a puzzle piece…


Fifteenth Visit

I returned the next day on August 4th to finish the rock and start shoveling the dirt. Marc and Jason got most of the rock into place the evening before when the weather had cooled down a bit.


Today we were joined by John, Mary-Rita and Bruce. While we began to move dirt onto the mounds, Marc and Jason worked in the background on repairing and painting the obelisks.

Sixteenth Visit

On August 14th I arrived in 103 degree heat to see the mounds completely covered and the obelisks in all their glory. Words cannot describe what it is like to stand next to these mounds and obelisks. They really have a presence and you feel like you are in the company of someone or something that has been there for a long, long time…


And now we have arrived back to where this post started! I hope you have enjoyed seeing this incredible project of Alex’s come to life!

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