Alex Champion's Hexagonal Rock Earthwork with 6 Obelisks

The grass is growing on the earthworks and the obelisks have now been completely sanded, primed and painted. The space is exquisitely beautiful and it is incredible to be in the energy of the mounds and the obelisks and the earth and the sky.

Alex’s vision has surpassed anything I could have imagined at the beginning when he first announced his intent to build this earthwork and create the six obelisks. It has been quite a journey from then until now! You can read about our visits in the following links:

Our first visit- HERE. Our second visit- HERE. Our third visit- HERE. Our fourth visit- HERE. Our fifth visit- HERE. Our sixth visit- HERE. Our seventh visit HERE. Our eighth & ninth visit HERE. And our tenth to sixteenth visit HERE.


These mounds make the obelisks look small and then you remember that they are six-feet tall! The energy here is palpable. I could stay for hours and just be in the glow of this place. Others say that they can only stay for a little while. It will be interesting to see how this places shifts and changes with time as well as the experiences of others visiting.


You will notice the addition of the bamboo fence around the perimeter of the earthwork. This is because a flock of ten turkeys have decided that this is the place to be! Alex wants the grass to be able to grow, thus the container around the area. By the way… the medicine of Turkey is the “Give Away.” Indigenous people used the give away to ensure that everyone had enough. The turkey is also the medicine of mystics and saints. Turkey medicine acknowledges that all of life is sacred. (Taken from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson). You can feel that pulse of life when you walk into this space.


Here is the beautiful rock cairn in the adjacent field that Alex, Marc, and Jason built with the left over rocks from the base of the mounds. You can see the earthwork and obelisks in the background through the bamboo fencing.


On Sunday, September 22nd, in the evening…

I will be co-facilitating a simple dedication of this earthwork and a Fall Equinox ceremony with Alex and our mutual friend Marilyn Larson. If you are in the area and would like to be included, please private message me via the contact links on my website.

The addition of steps into the center circle-mound. Photo Alex Champion

The addition of steps into the center circle-mound. Photo Alex Champion

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