The Butterfly Portal Labyrinth of Friendship

The discovery of labyrinths can lead to a deeper knowing of self as well as a deepening of friendships and connection with the world around us. At the October 2018 Labyrinth Society Gathering at Loyola University Ecology and Retreat Center in Woodstock, Illinois people from around the world came together to learn about and experience labyrinths, kindling friendships old and new.

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An Unexpected Rediscovery

Winding through the back-roads of Marin County, CA the unfamiliar terrain all of a sudden became familiar and I found the turnoff that led us to one of my first labyrinth installations, twenty-two years ago…

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The Snoopy Labyrinth

The Snoopy Labyrinth had a very providential beginning. In January of 2001, I was invited by the Luther Burbank Home & Gardens to give a presentation on labyrinths. We set the date for later in the year…

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The Santa Rosa Labyrinth

The Santa Rosa design is but one in the lineage of the many labyrinths created over the past three to five thousand years in all parts of the world. It was the first of a wave of neo-medieval designs, created since the mid-nineties in the United States…

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Why Have A Labyrinth?

Labyrinths are ancient, archetypal symbols that have been found throughout the world in diverse shapes and sizes. Even though there are bits of archaeological facts to substantiate certain dates, we really do not know the ultimate origins of the meandering path or how labyrinths were originally used.

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