Marking the Twelve Holy Nights of Inner Christmas

I love to mark the turning of the seasons. I do this with intention, ritual, and with ceremony. Sometimes it is very simple, sometimes elaborate, sometimes in the company of others, but most of the time with just myself, whenever I am moved to do so. I look to old traditions to make new traditions that have meaning for me right now.

A dear friend recently sent me the link to the "Inner Christmas Movie" designed and produced by  Lynn Jericho and friends.

This is one of those movies that stirs your soul and invites you to slow down and pay attention to what is most important this time of the year, regardless of your spiritual orientation. At the end of the movie, Lynn invites us to join her in marking and contemplating the "The Twelve Holy Nights." She begins on December 25th (but if you are finding this invitation for the first time and feel the pull to join in, do so, from wherever you are, no matter the day). For your intention, and then action, is the most important component to these types of journeys.  

Synchronistically, another dear friend sent me a Twelve Days of Christmas Advent Calendar.


In opening these little windows I am also marking the Twelve days of Christmas in another way. And, I am learning about Festival Days in other countries and cultures, like St. Stephen's Day on December 26th, or the Feast of St. John on December 27th. I would imagine that these feast days also echo even older ceremonies, lost in time, waiting to be found anew, revitalized with personal meaning for this day and age.


Each night, I am carving out twelve minutes in my favorite meditation and writing chair.


I also created a sand mandala of lights, one light for each of the twelve nights of Lynn's messages.

Dear Reader, I hope these musings bring you inspiration and a
greater awareness to the gift of your being. Thank you for taking this
journey with me!