The First Holy Night



The first "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Receptivity.

And the question to ask is: "I wonder at..."

I write...

I wonder at
this night of time out of time...
Where I receive the gifts of the dark night,
the light born
in this place of wonder,
wonder at the miracle of life,
wonder at my breath
moving in and out,
settling into the beat of my heart,
wonder at the mystery
I've been given,
this unknown path that unfolds before me,
wonder at my curiosity,
my joy of having experienced so much,
of loving, grieving, and finding more room
to love even more...
I wonder at where I am going,
for the miracles and joy that come with time,
time out of time,
in the darkness of this night,
where light is born...

© Lea Goode-Harris
December 25, 2006