The Third Holy Night & Iggy



The third "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Humility.

The questions for tonight are: "Can you lovingly and with blessed
humility make a list of your "weaknesses?" What aspects of you are
hidden with shame, guilt or neglect? Where in your complexity are you
"less than?" Can you write down ten weaknesses?

tonight, we have ten Holy Nights remaining. If each night in the"good
light" of your own self-compassion, you innocently "wonder at" one
weakness from your list you will begin to see new directions and
possibilities open up. Humility is the way to both self-acceptance and

Have a meditative conversation with your
weakness. Ask it questions. What are you teaching me? Why are you here?
What would happen to you if I embraced your presence in my life."

I write...

Strong, when not...
Control, free my anxiety...
Fill this emptiness, again, and again, and again...
Compare, only to find I am less than...
Forget, who I am...
Worry, anything, anytime, anywhere...
Think, shoulds, coulds, woulds...
Stop, no spontaneous bursts into song and play...
Hide, my light, my gifts...
Drama, so all will leave me alone and I can make space to take care, of me...

These are the cracks into the dark places,
the folds in my heart,
where battles rage,
where I die, again and again,
and become the soft earth,
the rich and fertile soil
that holds all that cannot be said,
or penned on paper,
recorded in a day, a year, or a lifetime,
but remembered in a silent moment,
where soft candlelight illuminates
this moment out of time
and gently rocks me home...

© Lea Goode-Harris
December 27th, 2006


This lesson and experience came yesterday in the midst of contemplating humility. I was witness to loosing our neighborhood cat, Iggy. It is
hard today, to not feel that I failed… that I could not bring Iggy back
by healing his broken body. I was there instead to help him move on, to
be with Iggy’s “day-friend,” my next-door neighbor and the young-girl-driver, and later to hold Iggy’s human as she sobbed over her loss
of her cat. Today, Iggy is helping me to realize that that is one of
things I do best, it is not a failing, or weakness, but a gift, my
medicine, to help others move on… Stepping along the mystery-bridge we
all travel…

My tears today are maybe a celebration of what I am.

Take the time today, to love your pet a little more dearly, or to
remember the pets and animals long gone who have blessed you along your
life path. They are precious, precious gifts…


Oh Iggy,
I looked out my window
this morning for you…
I looked for your long
and lazy strides,
Lion-King of the neighborhood,
surveying all your domain,
greeter of all two and four legged,
any who would bend to your meows
and wrap-around hugs
that begged stopping
important rushing to feel your powder-fur
and sandpaper kisses…
That moment
yesterday afternoon
when I knew,
just knew that all was not right,
and I flew down my stairs to be at your side
and help you over,
over that mystery-bridge
with the grieving young girl
who’s flash of metal caught your inquisitive nature,
and your dear friend across the street
who shared his porch
with your catnaps and timeouts,
three configurations unknown until
that very moment of your leaving,
gathered to say good-bye with our tears and hugs
of strangers no longer...

© Lea Goode-Harris
December 28, 2006