The Fifth Holy Night



The fifth "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Solidity.

Lynn writes, "Tonight it is time to seek the mountain within our souls. Find the solidity of the soul - the sense of being, of existence, that we depend on. I don't think we can articulate the solidity of the soul but we can feel it. Seek the feeling of you that is solid. Feel it in your feet. Feel it in your breath. Feel it in your thoughts. The inner mountain of the soul is the part of your soul that is always in conversation with God...The solidity of the soul will not crumble or fail to exist. It is the part of you that always has been and always will be. It stands beside all the gods. It has not gender, nor dogma, nor attitude. It is always balanced and upright. It cannot be harmed and it does not perpetrate. It resists temptation and always forgives.

For your twelve minutes, simply feel your soul's solidity. Like the solidity of the planet supports your physical body, this solid core of your soul, supports your inner life."

No penned words tonight, instead I pick up my watercolors...


© Lea Goode-Harris
December 29th, 2006