The Sixth Holy Night



The sixth "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Fluidity.

Lynn writes, "Tonight we go from the solid certainty of our inner mountain to our inner beach where we can study the fluidity of our soul seas. There are three aspects of fluidity in our souls to contemplate: flow, float and pulse... How do your thoughts and feelings flow through your soul?...Tonight sense flowing, floating and pulsing as you fall into sleep. Dream gracefully."

I write...

Waters flow...
Flow from the mountains of my soul,
fresh, pure, crystal sweetness,
thirst quenching soul music
as it rushes to the open arms of the sea...
Where I float on the surface of endless water,
held as an ever moving,
a rocking of soothing pleasure,
life pulsing above and below me,
taking on a rhythm like a dancer,
a water dancer,
moving from land to sea,
sea to land,
like the waves,
like the rain,
like the beat of my heart,
the pulsing in my veins,
the pull of the moon on the tides of my body
ever shifting and shaping
to the pulse of life,
rising and falling,
to rise again, and again...

© Lea Goode-Harris
December 30th, 2006