The Seventh Holy Night

Luminosity on New Year's Eve...


The seventh "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Luminosity.

Lynn writes, "What in your soul is transitory and evolving? What is eternal?"


Luminosity glows at the heart of our Santa Rosa Labyrinth in the dark of the December-January night.

I write...

My heart is eternal,
my love,
my connection to Source...
My ideas, dreams, desires,
they are ever changing,
adapting, recreating,
finding the chink in the armor,
the crack in the door,
the way between worlds...
Possibilities are eternal,
my dance tells me so,
my imagination sets free all limitations,
form becomes formless,
essence becomes  spirit,
and spirit,
spirit becomes form,
waking to these words ,
a fleeting moment,
eternal in their shape and sound...

© Lea Goode-Harris
December 31th, 2006