The Eighth Holy Night

Reflectivity on New Year's Day...


The eighth "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Reflectivity.

Lynn writes, "Tonight we examine the reverse gesture of how the world shines into the mirrors of our souls. Every earthly perception - whether or not we have focused on it - is captured in our souls. There are infinite images and most are filed in the storage bins of unconsciousness. An ordinary mirror simply reflects back what it has been given. Our souls have a far more complex and transformative reflectivity that allows us to transform the image before it is given back to the world."

As I meditate on reflectivity my journey with the Santa Rosa Labyrinth comes to mind. Ten years ago this March, the Santa Rosa design came through my creative wonder and curiosity. This design has been reflected back to me from the many people around the world who have created their own Santa Rosa Labyrinths from their own creative genius, alone and in the company of others, for private and for public use.

Here is only one example of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth's journey around and into the world...


This beautiful, 60 foot Santa rosa Labyrinth sits above the cliffs in Australia, 208 miles from the city of Melbourne. Lorraine & Geoff Rodda, Merran Macs and their labyrinth committee created this labyrinth as a part of their Sun, Sand, and Surf Festival for their summer's Christmas and Easter School Holiday session, 2006-2007.

Lorraine writes, "On New  Year's Eve we gathered by sitting on the mound in the centre of our new Seaside - Santa Rosa Labyrinth. We saw in the New Year with a Chardonnay of "Sacred Hill" wine. I read your poem, Circles: A Blessing, as we called upon our leaders to make a difference in bringing Peace to the World in 2007."

I wrote Circles: A Blessing, in August of 2002 and it fits for this new year of reflection...

Circles: A Blessing

Time doesn’t matter.
It bends and curves,
a path revealed,
a step taken,
and in the company of others…
Time stretches,
circles emerge,
smooth, rounded stones carefully chosen
where trees bow
and water whispers
and friends and family gather
to witness the place
where opposites meet,
where the formless takes form
upon Holy ground
with the passage of intention,
of gift,
and of dance and prayer...
Time records this moment
forever in our hearts,
in the double bloom
and in the way that the sunlight
and moonlight
prisms on crystal quartz and the dark coolness
of spirit into matter,
life ever emerging...

©Lea Goode-Harris 2002

One last picture for the New Year. Every year I let go of old goals, papers that need to be transformed, sending my prayers skyward for the new year. Here is the bonfire of that releasing, warming and transforming the chill in the winter night...


© Lea Goode-Harris
January 1, 2007