The Eleventh Holy Night



The eleventh "Soul Quality" that Lynn Jericho invites us to contemplate is Sagacity.

And here I am surprised again with yet another word that is new to me!!! Lynn writes, "Sagacity is profound understanding, intimate knowing and acute judgment. As our journey during the Holy Nights is from innocence to wisdom, it is fitting to look into the quality of our soul's knowing....Only you can discover the sagacity of your soul....The soul's sagacity is moral discernment. The soul seeks out five ideals in all phenomena: Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Love and Freedom. These are not fixed, dictated ideals, not a set of standards developed to protect and prolong some political, cultural or religious world view. Rather, they are moral imaginations that are born in your soul as spirit and matter permeate each other within your personal consciousness....Tonight spend a few minutes imagining each of these five ideals. How do you recognize Truth, Beauty and Goodness? What is Love? What is Freedom?"

I write,

I know and recognize
and goodness
by how they feel
in my body...
An alignment happens
that makes my body hum...

Love is
when the sun comes up every morning
and shines down on all people,
regardless of who they are
and what they have done,
or not done.

Freedom is
being your own person,
all the while respecting others,
and dancing your own sound...

© Lea Goode-Harris
January 4, 2007