Tarena ~ The Faerie Queen

Tarena is the beautiful Faerie Queen who graces my studio and has watched over me now for almost twenty-five years...


Tarena was made twenty-six years ago by artist Marilyn Radzat.

It is a joy to get to know Marilyn... It is no surprise to me that these amazing pieces come from her sweet heart and spirit! For a treat, you must visit Marilyn's studio website and see some of the current incredible creations that come through her hands, heart, and imagination.

The Fantasy Art of Marilyn Radzat

Marilyn gives great detail to all of her pieces... Her older ones, like Tarena, are draped in antique laces and velvets, revealing one of a kind vintage pieces of jewelery, as well as crystals and objects from nature.

Here are Tarena's hands, holding a crystal ball wand and rose-quartz heart.


Marilyn's pieces have faces full of expression and life.


I love looking into Tarena's face with her wise and loving eyes...

I am very excited to begin taking a six-month on-line class with Marilyn!!! Is is the first time in her thirty-five years of art-making that she will be teaching the techniques she uses to create her pieces. The classes are being offered through Gourd College On-line, as gourds form the base for a lot of her current work!

To learn more about the workshops click on this link...

Workshop with Marilyn Radzat

Our first project will be a "ladybug box," which fits with my ladybug labyrinth projects, a small treasure box to hold my hopes and dreams as the ladybug labyrinth continues to evolve... So, stay tuned for my journaling of this new adventure!