Sometimes, I will stay with the same Grace Card
for a couple of days...
Especially when there is a theme
that I feel has more for me to explore.

Today was such a day,
for instead of pulling a new card,
I looked further into yesterday's card
which was Mirror...


The card reads:

"Learn to see God's presence
in everyone you meet."

What a shift in awareness this is... to see the Divine
in everyone you come into contact with... that means everyone...

What would happen if we all did this?
What would happen if just I did this?

For some reinforcement of this concept the Universe helped me today with some great synchronicities.

First, while searching the house for all available buttons
for my button collection,
I cam across these,
sealed all together,
waiting for me to discover them...
I broke open the bag and released the contents in amazement...


Little bits of mirror, bead, and button,
reflecting back to me my current passion
of mosaics and embellishment
finding their way into my home,
I don't know how long ago...

And, the question comes to me of what happens
when we see ourselves in the mirror?
What happens when we are the ones we meet?
Do we see the Divine?

Then, while working on my website,
I clicked on a file to open and the computer did a funny thing,
pulling up the following poem,
instead of where I was planning to go...

Where are the words
for this movement in all directions…

I cross this threshold
and touch that which has been forbidden,
Within this sacred circle
I step into my numinous self,
into this mystery unfolding
and lay down my sword,
my warrior self,
my goddess self,
I lay down all my masks…
With one eye inward
and one eye outward
I see my face in your face
my hands in your hands
I dance the vast space around us
and in us,
this mystery unknowable
the darkness of our light,
this story that whispers in the cracks
of the wooden floor, the sky beneath our feet
opening to the earth of our bodies,
to the small and precious, ever growing place of becoming…

Lea Goode-Harris
Dancing Soul Motion- Berkeley, CA
March 31 – April 2, 2006