A Blessing

While digging
through the chaos...
I discovered that the
prayer bundle
that sits at the heart of our home,
in the deepest point
beneath all rooms,
was missing...
It was at least
the third time it has disappeared,
carried off by hungry critters,
or faeries or trolls,
for how long,
I don't know...

So... it is time to make
a new bundle
of blessings,
of gratitude,
loving this home
that houses us...


The silk comes from clothing
dear to my heart,
remnants now,
worn and torn,
ready for transformation...
At the centre,
a white stone,
to helps us always find
the way home...
A piece of copal,
a gift from the grandmothers,
an offering of protection,
And, a red,
red jewel
vibrant with prism light...
All tied with a red,
red thread...


...held in the palm
of my husbands hand,
we both set our intention
and give thanks together...

Down, down, down
the stairs I go
and into the inner room,
where once again,
our prayers
find their way into
the cracks and crevices
of our home...


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