Ruth Hanna


My sweet, sweet friend, Ruth Hanna passed on yesterday, January 24th, 2007, after a long and courageous journey with cancer...

In this picture, Ruth is holding in her hand a couple of the one-thousand cranes that she and her husband, Robert Ferré, created as a healing meditation. I believe she is pointing to the tiniest one...

She will be so missed... She was a very special person, a delightful person who filled you with her smile, her genuine heart, and her beauty. Robert has invited friends to visit her website (One Heart Resource Center) and leave a message in the guest-book there to share a memory of Ruth.

I wrote this poem for Ruth in 2006. She wrote me back saying how she would love to slip into her butterfly wings, when it was time...

in "twos"
swirling in a dance
of forever love,
like girlfriends,
pirouetting around each other
in delight,
shifting in the light
of the heart,
sweet moments
of living in sunlight mornings,
that kiss our lips
with the dew of night,
like diamond
stars of the day
as we
slip into our butterfly wings
of curiosity and wonder,
born anew
with the simplest of gestures...

Lea Goode-Harris
February 2006

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