Transformation of a Lawn

I truly live in a special neighborhood... you've met here a few, but not all, of some of my creative and talented neighbors...

Two of my good friends have long been passionate and experienced gardeners. Their homes have been on the garden tours of Santa Rosa and their expertise long sought after. Michelle Bellefuille and Lynnette Coster Scolari have now combined their creative energies into a a garden design business, called Belle Feuille Garden Design. Belle Feuille means "beautiful leaves" in french and is a slight play on Michelle Bellefeuille's last name!

We have hired these ladies to assist us in transforming our enormous front-yard, non-native grass, greedy-water drinking lawn into a meadow!!! (My name Lea, which is the English spelling, means "meadow!")


It was a great place to lay out my rope labyrinths, hold labyrinth classes, chase the dog, or throw a ball or Frisbee, but it no longer serves our needs for beauty and to conserve water, it is time for a change!

Here are Michelle and Lynnette with the cardboard they've so far collected to begin the process of mulching and terminating the current lawn.


Next week, we are scheduled to receive 20 yards of very ripe "mango-mulch."

Lynnette and Michelle go over some of the plans for native grasses and plants and the delivery of the mulch...


We are so excited to see this transformation begin!!!

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