Faerie Dog-Mother!!!

I'm a Faerie-Dog-Mother!!!

Parker just came home to his new mum,
Mollie Hemens of the UK this last week!


Isn't he a cutie!

He's a Grizzled Border Terrier
and was conceived in a conversation over ciabatta sandwiches
with summer tomatoes, Brie, and bacon (the Brit kind)
and mochas in café along the coast of Devon, England.

That was after a long train ride
from London to Axminster
in which we met Parker's cousin
and found out the name of the lady for Mollie to contact
who raises Border Terriers!


Mollie reports that besides testing out the primroses,
Parker is already adept at text messaging and sending e-mails...

That is one smart dog,
my dog-son...

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