Faerie Houses

I got to spend some time this past weekend
with my dear friend and neighbor Lucille Miles,
another magical lady who also lives around the corner from us.

I've told you we live in a special neighborhood!

Lucille and her family live in a hobbit house,
a woodland wonder in the middle of the downtown...


Forest Whimsy is where Lucille has housing
and fine furnishings for sale for the faerie folk,
mermaids, other woodland creatures...
And her biggest clients -literally-are us humans!

Through Forest Whimsy, Lucille also makes
faerie and mermaid crowns, felted dolls, 
and other whimsical trinkets to entice and delight...

Here is my friend Lucille in her studio...


With some of her wondrous houses up and behind her.

And around her...



Lucille's studio is full of moss and branches and
containers full of acorns, seashells, and beach glass...

as well as mushroom canisters,
full of mushrooms...


In this corner of creativity,
we find some mermaid houses,

a beach combers delight...



isn't this a bed
that invites you to curl up
with a good book,
or for a long afternoon nap,
listening to the sounds of the rolling surf?


While mermaids romp in the rolling waves...


or in the imagination of playful hands...

I got to come home with our own faerie house...
ohhhh, the faeries in our garden,
are going to be so pleased,
especially now that their yard is in such disarray...


Lucky for us,
and for them,
that Lucille was able to provide them
with such a beautiful home to live in...