The Santa Rosa Labyrinth ~ Ten Years Old Today

Over the week while I'm away on retreat
I have made posts
of some of my favorite pictures for you to enjoy...

Today, March 15th, 2007
marks the ten year birth day
of when I created the Santa Rosa Labyrinth...

On that March 15th day, in 1997,
I was sitting in our living room with compass,
colored pencils, black papered notepad,
and a heart full of curiosity...

the design emerged from my creative unconscious...


The heart space was yet to be discovered...

but became evident over time...


Taking a position of steward

was an act of courage,
an act of the heart,
a decision that I knew not where it would take me,

but take me it has on a great journey...


and I have journeyed, day after day,
within this beautiful container that holds
all of what it means to be human,
births, marriages, deaths,
new beginnings, lettting go,
discovering, surrendering, marking the seasons,


following the unfolding flowering of the self,
the heart of roses,
in the heart of Santa Rosa...

stepping into the unknown...