A few weekend ago...

Milt and I went out to Wildwood Nursery & Sculpture Garden
in Kenwood to look at the dogwoods. Well,
today Michelle Bellefeuille, of Belle Feuille Garden Design,
and I returned and brought home
three gorgeous dogwoods and a peony tree!

I forgot to bring my camera to Wildwood Nursery,
where owner Sara Monte was most helpful
in assisting us to make our choices...

So here they are when we got them home in the back
of Michelle's station wagon...



A very happy Michelle stands next to these beauties...


Now, you have to use your imagination, as these beds
are going to completely change in the next few weeks...

Do you see the peony to the right and down low?


I just love them...


and feel so honored to have them grace our home...

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