A Day of Shredding...

I have so many things I want to post about...
Hawaii, the woodpecker condo,
my Sphinx lesson that I'm soooooo behind on!

But Monday,
the shredding truck is coming
and finally, I decided to do it.

My graduate school records,
that filled three file boxes,
are gone, into the recycle went reams,
and reams, and reams of paper...


and years of chaining myself to the computer

to rewrite nature and earn my Ph.D.


As some  of you know by now...
I don't easily let go... but this felt so good and so right...

I did find a few things worth saving,
precious photos, a couple of papers from before
the dark night of the soul endless maze of dissertation writing...

And this poem,
written by Mary Oliver,
given to Kimberly by one of our beloved administrators,
who didn't stay long...
tumbled out of one of the many folders...

I wept when I read this,
and that too felt as good as letting all the papers go...

The Return
by Mary Oliver

The deed took all my heart.
I did not think of you,
Not 'til the thing was done.
I put my sword away
And then no more the cold
And perfect fury ran
Along my narrow bones
And then no more the black
And dripping corridors
Held anywhere the shape
That I had come to slay.
Then for the first time,
I saw in the cave's belly
The dark and clotted webs,

The green and sucking pools,
The rank and crumbling walls,
The maze of passages.

And I thought then
Of the far earth,
Of the spring sun
And the slow wind,
And a young girl,
And I looked then
At the white thread.

Hunting the minotaur
I was no common man
And had no need of love.
I trailed the shining thread
Behind me, for a vow,
And did not think of you.
It lay there, like a sign,
Coiled on the bull's great hoof.
And back into the world,
Half blind with weariness
I touched the thread and wept.
O, it was frail as air,

And I turned then
With the white spool
Through the cold rocks,
Through the black rocks.
Through the long webs,
And the mist fell,
And the webs clung.
And the rocks tumbled,
And the earth shook.

And the thread held.

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