New Path

One of the things I love best of working
with labyrinths, is how they help us to see things
from a new and different perspective...

My new point of view started with the easing
of the heavy rains we finally got this week.

The shadows you see below, are not actually shadows
but the difference between the smooth sand
and where thousands of drops of water
have fallen from the overhanging
tree branches...


Because I serendipitously placed my impromptu brick layout for my new center on the patio and realized that it lined up with the Summer Solstice, I thought, this is where the new entrance should be! So, I paid no attention to the path that was created from my husband and I moving the wheelbarrow back and forth over the grass to dump the shale and sand.

When you stand at the lip of the labyrinth from this new path, which is just to the right of where the original entrance once was, you are directly in line with the Spring and Fall Equinoxes!!! This actually feels better in my body than the Summer Solstice aspect and is very close to the original layout of eight years ago...


Actually, eight years ago... the labyrinth gently
nudged me to place it in this exact position...
but it has taken me all this time to get here!!!!