Ode To A Camera...

Last night,
at my husband's 60th party...

my trusty camera,
my means of language into the world
of what I see,
feel, hear,
touch, taste, smell, and sense...

leaped from a high up railing,
like an Olympic high-diver,
like a cliff jumper from Mexico,
a bungee addict
from the rim of the grand canyon...

into a bucket of ice water
filled with Italian sodas,
wine, beer,
and Calistoga water...

I found it late
into the evening,
when most had departed,
the beam from my flashlight,
searching in vain...

until that fatal moment when metal
gleamed from beneath the chill water,
matching the chill in my heart...

Three times...
it opened and closed in my hands,
until it moved no more...
my faithful companion
beyond repair...

and me,
without images
other than these words
to express the void left
from a small square of metal and glass,
empty and silent...