Grass Nursery

On Friday, May 25th, Michelle and Lynnette of Belle Feuille Garden Design set the first of our drought tolerant grasses into the area that is going to be a nursery until the Fall...


The name of the grass is... Bouteloua gracilis
or "Hachita" Blue Grama Grass

The name Hachita was derived from the Spanish
word “hacha” meaning small axe or hatchet. For those of you visiting labyrinth-philes... what does that remind you of? Labrys! The Greek word for double headed ax... And, I love that we have lots of "Gramas" watching over us and the yard!



Originally... these grasses were supposed to be planted all around, especially in the flat, middle space...

But our time-line took on a life of its own and if we had planted now... we would be once again watering the entire space, which is what we are making all the changes for... to not water so much...

So into their little nursery they go... until the Fall when they will move on out into the expanse of land...


When finished, and the middle of the yard is still open space... Michelle said... why don't you put in a temporary labyrinth???

What a brilliant idea Michelle!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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