Pencils & Paper ~ Light & Dark

What do you do on a day when the temperature on your front porch has reached 100 degrees in the shade? You move slowly... drink lots of water... and retreat into the coolest, darkest recess of your home... and pick up your art supplies along the way... the ones that bring that cool light, into the darkness and refresh your soul...

One of my favorite mediums for just this type of day is my Prismacolor pencils and black paper. These are the pencils that I used to do the sunflower-bud mandala in the previous post.


I use only white, magenta, orange, canary yellow, spring green, aquamarine, and violet pencils on black paper.


and you must not forget your compass... to help you find your way...


Here are some of the flower of the heart mandalas that I've done with my compass, pencils, and black paper...





And now, on this hot, hot afternoon in Sonoma County... I am ready to sink myself into the coolness of color, the light and the dark emerging together as one...

My use of these pencils and black paper was inspired by the work of Judith Cornell, Ph.D. and her book, drawing The Light From Within: Keys To Awaken Your Creative Power