Schipperkes On Parade!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

This was the sixth year that the Schipperkes have strolled en mass in the Kenwood 4th of July Parade!!! It was Nikki's first time, thanks to the persistence of my dear friends and neighbors, Joan and Osito!!!

Schipperkes are almost impossible to photograph,
as they are all black, but here is Osito and his shadow...


And, here is Nikki with a new friend!


There were eleven Schipperkes!!!
as well as a black Chihuahua and Pomeranian Schipperke wannabees!!!


Herding Schipperkes is a lot like herding cats...
but... they are so cute, like little shadows of each other!

Here is Sage with the oldest dog of our group, she's 15 years!


and the youngest, just 7-months old,
helping to push the Schipperke wagon!


Here's the entire crew...
Nikki is on the bottom right...


And what a perfect picture
to capture the essence of the day...
Two beautiful princesses,
smiling for the camera and for the joy of the day...


A big thank you to Susan for hosting this every year and gathering all the Schipperkes she can find!!!