A Fair Day!

Tuesday afternoon was opening day at the Sonoma County Fair... I've
been going since I was a little girl and in 4-H... My dear friend
and neighbor Lynnette, pulled me out of the labyrinth and whisked me
away with her two girls, my faerie-god-daughters, Beatrix (aka Trixie)
and Imogen (aka Gigi)...


I got to do one ride twice, once with Trixie and once with
Lynnette and Michelle (who met up with us later that afternoon) that I somehow didn't
get a picture of... it was fantastic, you lie on your stomach, with one
or two other persons, and the ride lifts you off the ground and you
literally have the sensation of flying... you can even put your arms
out in front of you!

Gigi is just three inches shy of being able to ride that one, so afterwards it was off to the flying elephants for her...


with Trixie zooming alongside...


WARNING!!! Do NOT eat garlic fries as well as consuming large cups of lemonade before going on any rides, including kiddie rides!!!


Unfortunately, at least for me, none of us regarded this age-old rule!!!

And on to the turn of the century "Himalayan Silver Streak" we went!!!

Lynnette and Gigi...


Trixie and me...


and one last wild shot that I managed to get in before the garlic fries started to talk to me and I needed both hands to hold on for dear life!!!!


It was a fair day indeed... and Trixie and Gigi are here with smiling faces and a wave to tell you this was indeed true!


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