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First... for any of you who are visiting from Minneapolis area, or have friends and family affected by the bridge collapse... you are all in my heart and thoughts... I have two very dear friends, who missed being on that bridge by minutes... so I am so grateful they are OK, and I trust you are too...

Constance Mueller of Rochambeau tagged all of us visiting her blog in her own unique and creative way… She was tagged originally by Arch, a lovely lady from India... I tried to duck my way out of playing, which would have been OK with Constance, but ultimately... I just could not refuse Constance’s request! So in my own unique way of playing... here are eight things that make me unique and that you might not know about me…

1) I grew up with five grandmothers (three who were biological-two step), and four grandfathers (two biological-two step), almost all the way into my forties. You would never have known who were the step-grandparents and who were the biological ones. I loved them so much and I’m grateful for every extra year I got to have with them.

2) My father was in a tragic accident when he was 42 that left him a paraplegic. My mother has been his caregiver all these years and the two of them are absolutely amazing, courageous people, and two of my best friends. How many people get to say that about their parents? After his accident, my father went on to found a winery (that he and his partners just sold this past year, Murphy-Goode Winery), start his own vineyards, and continues to consult on growing grapes to this very day! My mom is an amazing artist, energy organizer, and a pioneer in where the imagination can take you…

3) My sister is a unique and talented artist as well as a poet/writer. She has struggled with MS for the past twenty plus years of her life. Lately, because of her health, she has had a hard time doing her first love, which is beautiful and amazing cement work. You can see some of her work here at Cement Girl.

4) My husband is a neuropsychologist. Besides being incredibly smart, he is the greatest love in the world with the biggest heart, super funny, still makes me see stars after eighteen years, and has challenged me to grow more than any other person in the world! For our second date, he took me flying in his airplane.

5) My step-son Orin is exactly 24 years younger than me and I am 24 years younger than my mother… so there have been certain stages of his development that I’ve said to myself… hmmmm… wonder what my mom was thinking now... when I was his age… he has grown into an amazing young man, is on his way to France to work and do his doctorate research at the CERN nuclear laboratory being built in Switzerland. His mother has become one of my best friends; I call her my sister-in-law, actually. We all celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah and birthdays and special occasions together and sometimes, just she and I go out to lunch. Isn’t that wonderful?

6) I was the first person in my class, actually the entire school, at the Institute of Imaginal Studies graduate program to complete my dissertation and graduate!

7) I design, explore, live and breath labyrinths...Ten years ago, I created the Santa Rosa Labyrinth. It came through me in a moment of incredible inspiration and curiosity and stands on its own in the long lineage and diversity of labyrinths. I could have never dreamed then, where my being steward of this design would take me now. Nor could I have ever known how it would be built and cherished by so many all around the world! And then… in 2001 on the day of September 11th, I met Jeannie Schulz,
wife of the late cartoonist Charles Schulz. She asked me if I would
design a labyrinth in the shape of Snoopy’s head… and I did! It was installed in 2002, at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. And, in 2005, I created the Ladybug Labyrinths for Children.

8) And the eighth one for now... remains a mystery...!!!!

OK… if you read all of this… you deserve an award! And if you are so inspired to write your own 8 unique things… I would love to know… if you would like to pass this task on… however you are called to do so, then so be it! If you want the "real rules" you can get them from Constance!

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