Santa Rosa Labyrinth on Curb Appeal ~ A Peaceful Retreat

This Saturday, September 22nd at 12:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (3:30 pm Eastern Standard time) one of my labyrinth designs, the Santa Rosa Labyrinth, is on the Home and Garden program, Curb Appeal!!!

It was installed at the Brookside Gardens in Pennsylvania by my dear friend and colleague Michael Clarridge of Highland, Maryland.


Michael has told me stories about the people that come to walk this labyrinth, and how during the summer concert months at these beautiful gardens, children dance to the music in the labyrinth!

Here is a beautiful pine needle Santa Rosa Labyrinth created by Michael at the 2005 Fall International Labyrinth Society Gathering in Massachusetts.


Many people enjoyed walking
and sitting in this beautiful natural setting...


This Curb Appeal episode is entitled, "A Peaceful Retreat" and takes place in front of a tall, old house in a busy Eastern town and features the amazing tile work of friends and colleagues Debi & Marty Kermeen of Artistic Pavers. Marty is a master labyrinth builder, having installed replicas of many ancient designs as well as contemporary designs, including the Santa Rosa Labyrinth, as seen here at Standing Bear Native American Park in Ponca City, Oklahoma.


Marty and Debi have also designed some beautiful contemporary labyrinths that have added also to the ever growing interest and long lineage of labyrinths.

For the Curb Appeal project, Marty installed an ancient design from India called the Chakra~vyuha labyrinth. When finished, I think it was the jewel and crown of the entire project!!!

Let me know if you see the program!

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