The Key ~ Writers Island


oh key,
what can I say here...
the muse is silent,
she sits behind my eyelids
and the tapping of my keyboard
wakes her
to brush aside stories
of locks and keys,
of anvil and alchemy,
of smythes sweating in fires

deep within the earth...
of time rusting and long forgotten treasures horded...
of Kings and Queens,
of treachery and greed,
of beginnings and endings of empires
and loves lost and stolen...

and this key in my path...
begs me to fit it into the one
dark and secret place it belongs...

turning at last,
this whisper of longing...

© "The Key" for Writers Island 2007

Photo: Key found along the path in the labyrinth,
deep within the ocean...
a gift from Marilyn Radzat, Gail Lackey, & Patricia Ebert

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