The Next Day...


She slipped through
the portal
in the labyrinth
in the wee hours of the morning...
and when she awoke,
only one of her shoes
lay in the folds of the fall leaves of her ball gown...
where did she leave that shoe...
for she had danced all over bloglandia,
meeting the most amazing people
seeing the most gorgeous gowns,
simple and fancy,
full of imagination,
play, and delight
beneath the full September moon...

Oh sweet friends,
if you find this little  slipper
beneath flowers and feasting treats,
near crystal or music echoes...
Spin three times
in the center of your labyrinth
and you'll find yourself here!!!
And we can reminisce and
send periwinkle kisses to eb
and all the revelers
of the Bloglandia Ball!!!!