The Journey ~ Writers Island

how come you
to be here...
through wire
and space,
from where you are,
looking into this
window of my soul...
Where is life leading you?
What is this journey
that your feet,
and mind travel?
Taking you
to places where the sun
and moon have never set,
nor risen on the stars
in the sphere you walk...
What hand touches your heart,
stills the chatter in your mind,
and brings fragrance to the air you breathe,
filling the cells of your being?
Does laughter
ring true,
drying the tears that wet the soil
of becoming
this pilgrim
in flesh and earth...
weaving this web

this path unfolding,
traveling this journey of the soul...


© "The Journey" for Writers Island 2007

Photo: Mud People Series ~ Oahu, Hawaii 2007


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