Calabash ~ 2007

was Calabash ~
Forrestville, CA
Food For Thought
"Calabash: A Celebration of Gourds, Art, and the Garden" auction.

You must forgive me...
for I did not take many pictures...

I was having so much fun
visiting with friends
old and new...


(Annie & Don Jeffries ~ Milt & Me) 

meeting new people...
like this handsome gentleman...


in one of the many fine
Calabash fashionable hats...


Walking the magnificent gardens...


sitting in secret spots,
like my sweet husband here
in the house of gourds...


and looking at all the amazing art,
like my piece Hesperia,
who won an award,
but alas, did not sell
as her price was a bit high
for the occasion...

She was greatly admired,
which did make my heart swell with gratitude...


(photo by AnnieElf Jefferies)

It was such a wonderful day and event,
done with such class,
delicious food, wine, music
and for such a good cause,
feeding and nourishing those so in need...

And a wonderful stepping stone for me...


as I already have ideas
for what I will create for next year!