Old Friends...

She walked
into our kitchen,
and into our hearts,
and began helping me
to make lunch,
as if she had done so,
hundreds of times before...


husbands and wives
only meeting for the first time...
sharing stories,
and loves, and children,
and the turns in the path
of life
that are sometimes difficult,
sometime joyful,
but real,
like holding hands at dinner,
or sharing good food at lunch...


or surprises...


from someone who only knows
your blogging face,
yet picks one of your favorite colors,


knowing the way to the mandala


of your heart...

Thank you AnnieElf and Don for stepping off from your Slow Moving Train to spend the weekend looking at the scenery with us, and for the delight of your company!!! May this time bring deeper connections with all you hold dear as you step back on that train and travel the road ahead.

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