"The Dream" ~ Writers Island


I Dream...

The cool gold

of your wedding ring

inscribed with our names,

my name,

in the space

of your heart,

your love whispered

as we descend into deep waters…

I am filled with you,

my heart

is full of you,

my passion

carries me over

and over

rolling waves of your heat,

of holding your sweet face

in my hands,

of your lips


tender upon mine…

I take all of you,

hand over hand,

climbing the scaffolding

till we reach into each other

filling ourselves

with the longing of my love

since I first desired you…


you say,

“you must be courageous…”

I wake

with your voice echoing...

I see

bronze starlight

in velvet black,
solar system born


the layers of my sleep

where I find you

reaching for me

again and again…

© 2007 Writers Island ~ "The Dream"
From my dreams... June ~ 2004

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