"The Letter" ~ Writers Island


The letter…
could have been on any sheet of paper…
love letters,
rejection letters, acceptance letters,
congratulation letters
travel letters, year-end missives,
the letters after my name…
But what about
"the letter,"
just one letter,
any of twenty-six
for this part of the world
where words seem to matter…
one letter
a p,
an r,
maybe an a…
just one…
would you leave it all by itself
swimming in a sea of white…
give it some color,
pack other letters around it
so that a sound escapes the page,
a meaning
looking out from a flat surface,
giving roundness and depth
to silence and nothingness…
a single letter
balancing on the edge becoming
the bridge between me and you
and a language shared
from that first line into a curve
into an ending point
where letter and word marry
and you hear me speak
for the first time…

©2007 "The Letter" for Writers Island

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