#86 ~ "Misspent Youth"


You can find
her in the falling leaves
in the vineyard…
the girl who
rode endless hours,
pages and pages
of books to escape
dancing the only way she knew

You can find
her in the falling tree
shattering the family into splinters,
into bits that flew away
landing only once
or twice a year,
stepping over lines,
into new lines
exploring passions
long buried…

You can find
her in the voice
of spirit waking,
igniting through
the cracks of youth
of innocence set free
on wings of longing
stepping into time far, far
from where the journey began
only to circle back to the beginning…

You cannot find
her in one moment
of youth misspent,
only in the echo of not knowing
that everything she is today
sings from those shadow years
of believing in black
and white,
not yet ready to see
the blaze of color
that comes with falling...

© For Sunday Scribbles #86 - "Misspent Youth"

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