Got Elves?


We've been Elf'd!!!!!

It all happened because of my Aunt Rosina!!!
(I didn't know there were Sicilian Elves...)

Here is the link to the Main Site
where you can go directly to Elf Yourself!!!

You can get there also after watching how we have all been transformed in the first link...

I have a high powered computer (Mac) and it took a while to load. I also tried to Elf Ourselves about 10 times, trying to send us capering around to family and friends, before discovering that when the option comes to just copy, that was the ticket for me. When I hit the e-mail to friends option, it bombed. By using the copy option, I could then just paste the link here and into e-mails.

A very scary thought that there are at least ten clones x four of us running around in cyberspace...

Oh well, I bet Santa can always use the extra help!!!


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