#89 ~ Dance ~ Sunday Scribbles


Where are the words
for this movement in all directions…

I cross this threshold
and touch that which has been forbidden,
Within this sacred circle
I step into my numinous self,
into this mystery unfolding
and lay down my sword,
my warrior self,
my goddess self,
I lay down all my masks…
With one eye inward
and one eye outward
I see my face in your face
my hands in your hands
I dance the vast space around us
and in us,
this mystery unknowable
the darkness of our light,
this story that whispers in the cracks
of the wooden floor, the sky beneath our feet
opening to the earth of our bodies,
to the small and precious, ever growing place of becoming…

From my dance practice with Soul Motion and Body Prayer
Photo: Candle in the heart space of our labyrinth

© For Sunday Scribbles #89 ~ Dance

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