Winter Solstice Planting


What seeds
are you planting
this shortest day
of the year?


When all life
sleeps deep
beneath the
Winter night blanket
of dark velvet,
where a tiny spark,
like stars in the vast sky,
cradled tight
within the earth
and dreams of reaching
the light of day,
the path back
into world...
Singing the joys
of Spring, Summer,
Fall, and of the blessings of Winter...


Photos: The Buddha watching over light seeds that will only thrive and grow in fertile darkness, Winter Solstice labyrinth walk in our Santa Rosa Labyrinth, and Christmas Caroling with friends and neighbors, organized by Ulla and husband.

To view the Winter Solstice at Newgrange Ireland, click the link below and download the archive. It is long, but well worth being included in this five-thousand-two-hundred-year-old event.